Learn your A-B-Sea

02 Apr 2010

A selection of images from a personal project I created for my daughter.

The theme and title of the piece was ‘Learn your A-B-Sea’ and took the format of an alphabet chart illustrated with fish and sea creatures that could be found in the local stretch of water, the Arabian Gulf. One poster was made and framed and is currently in storage while we find somewhere permanent to live.

I got really enthused about this project, especially once I’d started researching the fish and found them to have such weird and wonderful names. The illustrations, based on similar ones I’d seen by Charley Harper, were kept as true-to-life as possible while allowing a certain amount of artistic impression to get that graphic feel.

The typeface used throughout is, perhaps predictably, Hoefler & Frere-Jones’s ‘Gotham Rounded’


UPDATE: August 2010.
The poster is now available from the ‘Shop’ section of the website. Click here.


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