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31 Oct 2012

For the first time ever I’m going to be growing a ‘tache to raise funds and awareness for men’s health

Starting from tomorrow, as part of the Legatum Mo Bro’s team effort, my top lip will stay unshaven for a whole 30 days in support of the 2012 Movember campaign.

If you want to donate to the campaign, head over to my page here:

Check back soon to see my progress!


I managed to raise US $700, smashing my target by $300! A massive thanks to everyone that donated.

Movember! James Mattison, Graphic Designer, Dubai, UAE


19 Oct 2012

Dubai Stop-Motion Animation

I made a (very) little stop-motion animation using Frameographer for the iPhone yesterday.

The ‘pieces’ of Dubai were printed onto paper, then mounted on card to stiffen them up. I’m looking forward to doing some more with this, and getting Jasmine involved too.


10 Oct 2012

Washi Tape + MacBook Pro = Awesome!

In the middle of the night I decided that I’d ‘decorate’ my 15” MBPro with the Japanese Washi tape I bought for Jasmine last week. Photo after the (metaphorical) jump.

James Mattison - MacBook Pro and Washi Tape

I love the way the illuminated logo still shows up through the tape when the lid is open!


13 Sep 2012

Feeling blue

It’s great to see that the international fashion industry is finally sitting up and taking notice of me…

Obviously Carlos Campos’s Spring 2013 range was heavily inspired by my own love of royal blue… Maybe a bit too much Carlos, eh?

Carlos Campos Spring 2013 collection


12 Sep 2012

License to Kern

Today, UK design magazine Creative Review reported on an unusual job posting they’d seen on the CIA website…

It seems that the US Central Intelligence Agency has an opening for a graphic designer. What this would involve? Putting together fake passports for femme fatale assassins? Forging military secrets to sell to enemy dictatorships? Designing fonts that carry secret coded messages…? I’m sure if you successfully applied for this job, you could tell us…

but then you’d have to kill us.

CIA graphic designer.

Or if you fancy yourself as more of a James Bond than a Jason Bourne, there’s also an opening for an artworker at MI6 in London.

No Bond… I can't make the logo any bigger

“No Bond… I can’t make the logo any bigger”