16 Apr 2013

Eskorte type family

I really like the look of the Eskorte Arabic-Latin type family by Rosetta Type Foundry

Eskorte type family - Arabic and Latin font
Eskorte type family - Arabic and Latin font
Eskorte Type Family - Arabic and Latin font

Eskorte is a hardworking Latin-Arabic type family with an uncomplicated, regular appearance that conveys a crisp, businesslike tone. Its compact range of styles has been designed for easy use by non-designers in offices of legal and academic institutions, and corporate environments. Eskorte supports Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, and over ninety languages using the Latin script.

The various styles were designed together, resulting in a smooth, coherent style across the family. The italics take on livelier, more fluid forms that echo the design of the Arabic, allowing them to sit perfectly together, while the extrabold adds punch to official announcements and notices.

The Arabic was designed in consultation with Titus Nemeth.

Available on the Rosetta Type Foundry website


31 Oct 2012

For the first time ever I’m going to be growing a ‘tache to raise funds and awareness for men’s health

Starting from tomorrow, as part of the Legatum Mo Bro’s team effort, my top lip will stay unshaven for a whole 30 days in support of the 2012 Movember campaign.

If you want to donate to the campaign, head over to my page here:

Check back soon to see my progress!


I managed to raise US $700, smashing my target by $300! A massive thanks to everyone that donated.

Movember! James Mattison, Graphic Designer, Dubai, UAE


19 Oct 2012

Dubai Stop-Motion Animation

I made a (very) little stop-motion animation using Frameographer for the iPhone yesterday.

The ‘pieces’ of Dubai were printed onto paper, then mounted on card to stiffen them up. I’m looking forward to doing some more with this, and getting Jasmine involved too.


10 Oct 2012

Washi Tape + MacBook Pro = Awesome!

In the middle of the night I decided that I’d ‘decorate’ my 15” MBPro with the Japanese Washi tape I bought for Jasmine last week. Photo after the (metaphorical) jump.

James Mattison - MacBook Pro and Washi Tape

I love the way the illuminated logo still shows up through the tape when the lid is open!


13 Sep 2012

Apple EarPods

In a much leaked, media-hyped and ultimately disappointing Apple product launch, the new EarPods were probably the highlight of the whole event

Yeah, so apparently Apple released a new iPhone yesterday or something… I could tell because when I got into work today my Google Reader ‘tech’ folder had about a zillion stories compared to the usual 50 or so.

What was most interesting for me was the announcement of the new Apple EarPods. Three years in development and designed to fit all ears. And as you’d expect from anything Apple put out, they look pretty cool too.

I’m guessing these EarPods are a replacement for the terrible ones that has come included with every iPod and iPhone since the beginning of time, rather than a competitor / replacement for the much more expensive in-ear kind you can buy separately.

I’m particularly interested to hear what they sound and fit like as I’ve been through four different sets of headphones / earphones in the last six months trying to get close to something that doesn’t cost the earth, stays in my ears without causing incredible discomfort and sounds reasonably good.

At the moment I’m onto a set of Nocs NS400 titanium which were really uncomfortable to begin with, but now seem to have given in to the shape of my ears and are feeling a bit better, but click annoyingly every time I move my head. At home I use a pair of Superdry Technical on-ear headphones and fondly reminisce about the Grado SR80i headphones I once owned, then sold on eBay.

New Apple EarPods