22 Oct 2013

My Space

In an attempt to break the silence, here’s a photo of my work space at home.

James Mattison - Senior Graphic Designer - Dubai - Home work space

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13 Sep 2012

Apple EarPods

In a much leaked, media-hyped and ultimately disappointing Apple product launch, the new EarPods were probably the highlight of the whole event

Yeah, so apparently Apple released a new iPhone yesterday or something… I could tell because when I got into work today my Google Reader ‘tech’ folder had about a zillion stories compared to the usual 50 or so.

What was most interesting for me was the announcement of the new Apple EarPods. Three years in development and designed to fit all ears. And as you’d expect from anything Apple put out, they look pretty cool too.

I’m guessing these EarPods are a replacement for the terrible ones that has come included with every iPod and iPhone since the beginning of time, rather than a competitor / replacement for the much more expensive in-ear kind you can buy separately.

I’m particularly interested to hear what they sound and fit like as I’ve been through four different sets of headphones / earphones in the last six months trying to get close to something that doesn’t cost the earth, stays in my ears without causing incredible discomfort and sounds reasonably good.

At the moment I’m onto a set of Nocs NS400 titanium which were really uncomfortable to begin with, but now seem to have given in to the shape of my ears and are feeling a bit better, but click annoyingly every time I move my head. At home I use a pair of Superdry Technical on-ear headphones and fondly reminisce about the Grado SR80i headphones I once owned, then sold on eBay.

New Apple EarPods


10 Jun 2011

For Sale: Fortis Pilot Professional Day/Date on leather strap

A second watch which I’m offering for sale to raise money for something special

Fortis Pilot Professional Day/Date on black leather strap

A very clean and simple aviatior-style watch from Swiss watchmaker Fortis. Click here for a very detailed review of the watch.

My watch was bought new in 2008 from official Fortis dealer, Ahmed Siddiqui & Sons, Dubai. It has been worn a handful of times, the rest of the time its kept in it’s box and is in perfect (mint) condition.

The watch comes with its original box and paperwork.

Accepting offers in the region of £350 Sterling + Postage from Dubai

Fortis Pilot Professional wacth on black leather bracelet – For Sale

Further details and larger images are available upon request. Serious enquiries only to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


11 Apr 2011

Club Collar

Definitely considering a club collar on my next visit to the tailor after seeing this photo by Scott Shuman (aka The Sartorialist)

Club Collar

Photo: The Sartorialist

Rounded Point Collars: An Academic History
Men’s dress shirts featuring rounded point collars are a great example of male emulation for the sake of stylish men’s image. The rounded collar was part of Eton College’s dress code beginning in the mid-1800s. Because men wanted to be perceived as belonging to this exclusive club, the rounded, or “club” collar was copied by the masses. Today it is rarely seen even on the most stylish of men, but it remains a classic of men’s style

Face Types and Proportion for a Rounded Dress Shirt Collar
A club collar looks best on thin faces. The softness of the points counteracts sharp verticality created by thinness in a face. Round-faced men should skip the club collar because the curved lines will pronounce a round face’s roundness, an undesirable effect which is easily averted. Also, because these collars are mostly seen on bespoke shirts, make sure the tailor understands that you want your collar in proportion. If you have a slightly longer neck, you will want a slightly longer collar. The rounded collar is naturally shorter, so a man’s long neck will look especially long if his collar is not in proportion.

Pinning a Rounded Collar
The club collar is one of the most popular dress shirt collars to pin. A collar pin sits under the necktie, holding down the collar points and pushing the necktie knot up and out. Because of the club collar’s shortness, pinning will also help keep the collar points flat on the shirt. Matched with a custom suit, the look will be classic, different, and individual.

If the Collar Works for You, Wear It
Men may naturally be shy about wearing a rounded collar shirt because they haven’t seen anyone wear them before. You needn’t be shy, gentlemen. If your face is right for the club collar, go for it. A man who wears a rounded collar is going to get second glances, and that’s okay. Wear it with a collar pin, and you’ll definitely get noticed by people who didn’t notice you before. Rounded collars are an excellent choice for a well-dressed man’s wardrobe.

via Google Knol


02 Apr 2011

Paul Davis postcards

Paul Davis postcards

Anyone looking for an alternative to nausea inducing Hallmark greetings cards should check out these great postcards by UK illustrator Paul Davis.

Paul Davis postcards
Paul Davis postcards
Paul Davis postcards

Available from Polite Shop for just one English pound each, bargain.

Via SwissMiss