19 Oct 2012

Dubai Stop-Motion Animation

I made a (very) little stop-motion animation using Frameographer for the iPhone yesterday.

The ‘pieces’ of Dubai were printed onto paper, then mounted on card to stiffen them up. I’m looking forward to doing some more with this, and getting Jasmine involved too.


10 Oct 2012

Washi Tape + MacBook Pro = Awesome!

In the middle of the night I decided that I’d ‘decorate’ my 15” MBPro with the Japanese Washi tape I bought for Jasmine last week. Photo after the (metaphorical) jump.

James Mattison - MacBook Pro and Washi Tape

I love the way the illuminated logo still shows up through the tape when the lid is open!


11 Sep 2012

Website redesign

I’ve made some big changes on this site recently. They’re mostly behind the scenes with the aim of improving your browsing experience.

After a recent change of web host I decided to refresh and update the design of my site.

The main aim was to optimise the site for use on smart phones and tablets which I’ve achieved through the use of the Less CSS framework. It’s a really nice, lightweight framework which relies on media queries to determine the size of the browser window and apply relevant CSS styling accordingly. Check out the site on an iPhone or iPad to see the difference.

In addition to the five top level categories, I’ve also added tags to all individual blog entries. Tags appear at the bottom of each story and allow you to quickly find and filter related stories. The hope is that this should allow for more fluid movement through the content.

There is also a new section called ‘Inspiration’. This sections pulls in items I’ve added to Dribbble, Tumblr, Fancy and Svpply and puts them all in one place. It’s in beta at the moment and it might behave a bit strangely at times…

In addition there have been a couple of smaller changes – implementation of TypeKit fonts, blog search functionality, and a new set of web links to friends and family sites.

There’s still some work to do, not least a huge update of the portfolio section with some of my new work from the past couple of years…

Enjoy :)


24 Apr 2012

London illustration

A quick illustration I did in a moment of inspired spontaneity. I was probably feeling a bit homesick too.


20 Mar 2011

A B Sea Poster featured on

I was really pleased to see that the A B Sea poster had been featured on the popular interior design website

So apparently Bowie in San Francisco is going to have to spend his formative years staring at the 26 little fish I drew!

Its an awesome looking room and I especially love Flensted ‘Shoal of Fish’ mobile (which I bought for Jasmine and somehow managed to lose. Grr) and the ‘Baconfish’ print by Hamburger Panda on Etsy (this could be due to spending the last six months in Qatar without even a sniff of bacon…).

A B Sea Poster on ohdeedoh website
A B Sea Poster on ohdeedoh website
A B Sea Poster on ohdeedoh website

Check the feature out here