21 Dec 2013

Django Django - WOR

Loved the video when I first saw it, now I can’t stop listening to the album on Spotify!

Django Django - WOR from Jim Demuth on Vimeo.

Django Django on Spotify


21 Dec 2013

Canaro font

I recently bought the rather beautiful typeface Canaro by Rene Bieder for a bargain $50 over at

James Mattison - Graphic Designer - Canaro typeface
James Mattison - Graphic Designer - Canaro typeface
James Mattison - Graphic Designer - Canaro typeface
James Mattison - Graphic Designer - Canaro typeface
James Mattison - Graphic Designer - Canaro typeface

Conceived as an exploration of geometrical typedesigns of the early 20th century, Canaro developed into a font of that period with a modern streak. The lack of spurs provide a unique but unobtrusive appearance and support the contemporary character. In addition, the open shapes in combination with a tall x-height, create legibility in small text sizes. Typographic features like alternative lettershapes, ligatures, oldstyle numbers, arrows, fractions, special characters and many more, round up the whole family. Canaro is available in nine weights plus matching italics. Ranging from sharp and elegant thinner cuts to sporty and athletic heavy weights.

Get a copy for yourself over at


22 Oct 2013

My Space

In an attempt to break the silence, here’s a photo of my work space at home.

James Mattison - Senior Graphic Designer - Dubai - Home work space

Andrew Holder
bee things
James Gulliver Hancock
Matt Richards
Dirk Fowler
Richard Allenby-Pratt
Amerikan Made
Charley Harper



22 Apr 2013

Go the extra mile – it’s never crowded

Anyone currently looking for a job in design should definitely check out this interview with Sarah Parmenter on

This quote sums it up beautifully:

There’s too many people out there not pushing as hard as they should be. They see reality TV stars who seemingly do nothing to earn thousands of pounds and it’s reflective of the youngsters that are coming up today. I see it constantly. They think just pushing out a CV to hundreds of places is enough, that is productive in their eyes. There’s hardly anyone going the extra mile, I’d say go that extra mile - it’s never crowded.

The entire interview here


16 Apr 2013

Please read this before contacting me

I’ve been receiving a huge amount of correspondence recently which falls into three categories: applications for jobs, offers of work (mostly freelance) and requests for information about moving to Dubai or becoming a graphic designer. I feel a weird sort of guilt when I ignore these unsolicited and misguided messages so I’m writing this post to hopefully try to alleviate that feeling.

Applications for jobs
I am very fortunate to be employed as a graphic designer at an amazing organisation where I work within an in-house communications team. I am not a company and am I not currently responsible for recruiting designers to work in my team. Sending me job applications merely highlights that; a) you haven’t done your research properly; and b) are probably just ‘mail-bombing’ design companies you found on Google. Neither of these traits are attractive to anyone looking to fill a position.

Offers of work
I’m not currently looking for work (full-time, freelance or otherwise). I have a full-time job which I enjoy and take very seriously and a young daughter who I love spending as much time with as possible. Any time that isn’t occupied by one of these two responsibilities is my own to enjoy.

Requests for information
I’m always happy to share information and answer questions about becoming a designer, moving to the Middle East, or anything else you may feel I have some insight into. However, I won’t reply to general questions that could be answered via Google, nor will I spend an entire evening writing out answers to open, essay-style questions.

Thanks very much for reading :)